Intern Program

We are proudly partnered with the ever sought after Mansfield Independent School District to provide an innovative and collaborative internship program to the high school students attending Ben Barber Innovation Academy of Mansfield, Texas. We are excited to see how we can impact the lives and careers of the 2020-2021 interns! Each student was specifically chosen through a detailed interview process to take on an opportunity to learn entrepreneurship, leadership skills, the value of networking and much more that will carry with them through a lifelong career of their choosing. We will be providing updates on the students and their growth and successes through our program here and through our social media outlets. Be sure to follow us for updates and upcoming events!

Meet our 2020-2021 MISD Interns


Kendall Fields is a full-time student who interns with One Stop Real Estate Group to grow their personal and professional brand. Taking multiple courses in marketing strategies and brand production, Kendall knows what truly drives conversions, business expansion, and sales growth. Kendall has built an organization that works closely with members of the school board, community leaders, and influential members of the Mansfield community to educate students on history and culture. Kendall has hands on experience in multiple fields of business through internships and working as an employee for businesses in the DFW area. She also has a rich knowledge in business logistics and marketing. Kendall is currently a senior at Mansfield Highschool with aspirations of attending Florida A&M University with plans to earn an MBA in Business Analytics and Marketing. 


My name is Larson I am 17 years old and I currently attend Mansfield Highschool. I am very interested in learning more about Real Estate and how the process works. I am also fascinated with entrepreneurship, the stock market, and business management. Some of my hobbies include working out, hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and listening to music.

With the opportunity I have been given to be apart of One Stop Real Estate Group, I hope to gain the following:
●  A better knowledge and understanding of Real Estate such as the process of sales, investing, and remodeling, etc.
●  How to properly mange financial status, for example keeping up with expenses and comparing it to total profit.
●  To make connections with the people who share the same interests as me in this industry.
●  An insight of how to properly market to possible clients.


Emiliano is currently a student at Timberview Highschool. He is a very positive person and tries to make the best out of every situation. In the future, he wants to be an entrepreneur and is currently taking on every opportunity that comes his way to make that a reality. The thing that motivates him the most is his future and what it has to offer. In his off time, he likes to socialize, boulder, race go-karts, and listen to music.

3 things I want to gain:
1. I want to gain more knowledge on what to expect going into real estate and how to make some common mistakes.
2. I want to learn how mortgages work and how to properly get one.
3. I want to gain more knowledge on how to network with people.

One Stop Real Estate Group Internships

If you are interested in inquiring about our program and what all it entails, please contact us directly or feel out the below form. Someone from our team will be in contact with you upon submission of this form.